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Espace Lounge® - the network of AKRAPLAST® France Certified Installers

draws on the group's history of craftsmanship. Espace Lounge® is recognized as a designer brand of innovative and patented products. The brand has become a standard in the aluminum veranda and pergola market. With locations throughout France and Europe, Espace Lounge® now includes 70 aluminum carpentry professionals.
When you join the Espace Lounge® network, you'll have access to our products, brand image, services, and support, while retaining your local brand to assert your identity.

Patented Technologies
Patented Technologies

Quick-Install Products
Quick-Install Products 

Training Programs
Training Programs

Sales Tools
Sales Tools

Dedicated Technical Departments
Dedicated Technical Departments

Network Feedback
Network Feedback

Patented technologies, exclusive products

With its expertise in home extensions and pergolas, Espace Lounge® set out to develop unique technologies that would meet current and future industry requirements.
Today the brand is positioned as the expert in extensions and outdoor living systems, with a complete catalog of innovative and exclusive products on the market:

Extensions d'habitation

for all the ways you want to expand and add space


for all your patio protection and layout projects


for your vehicle protection needs


for that extra touch of acoustic and thermal comfort


To go a step further, have a look at our complete
AKRAPLAST® France catalog :


for all our verandas, fixed pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas, carports, awnings and canopies.


Quickest-installing verandas and pergolas

Espace Lounge® designs and develops its products for pros, so they're the easiest and quickest to install. Espace Lounge® extensions and pergolas are prefab and ready to install, and we bypass warehousing to save you up to 40% in installation time. By putting ourselves in the installer's place, Espace Lounge® develops exceptional products with exemplary ease of use. When you join the Espace Lounge® network, you're choosing easy installation, less installation time on the job, and bigger profits.

Complete training at Espace Lounge® ACADEMIE

Access a complete training program before you start. Save time on the job and learn everything you want to know about Espace Lounge® products.

  • Product training: Introduces your sales team to Espace Lounge® products
  • Assembly training: Learn to assemble and disassemble products hands-on with your installation teams
  • Site support: On your first site, to guide you through the product's mechanical assembly.

A powerful sales tool package

When you join the Espace Lounge® network, the brand gives you access to a high-end, effective sales tool package.

On the My H.O.M.E. (House & Outdoor Mobile Experience) app by Espace Lounge®, you can view your full-scale extension or pergola project right at your customer's home.

Access to this app is restricted to Espace Lounge® Certified Installers.

Live the Espace Lounge® experience, using augmented-reality technology. Does your customer want to expand? Have a patio roofing project?

Explore all the options in our catalog of EXTENSIONS and PERGOLAS, available on smartphone and tablet.

App Store
Google Play
Appli aide à la vente

A range of services dedicated to professionals

When you become an Espace Lounge® Certified Installer, you'll get technical support: quotes for made-to-measure projects, product technical advice, 2D drawings, and more. To save you time, Espace Lounge® prices are clearly listed on ProDevis costing software - the software solution designed for carpentry.

Responsive and constantly evolving based on feedback from the network

Using feedback from its network, Espace Lounge® develops and improves its products to meet the needs of aluminum carpentry professionals. The Espace Lounge® team is receptive to its network and gives its certified installers a voice by organizing national conventions, regional events, and theme-oriented workshops.
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70 points of sale

They're with us:

Meet these Espace Lounge® Certified Installers. A network of 70 Espace Lounge® CIs throughout France. CIs advise and support homeowners with their extension or pergola projects – from planning through installation.
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