Integrated, powerful and adjustable LED lighting for your flat roof home extension

LED Lounge® is an intense and adjustable LED lighting system adapted to flat roof aluminium verandas.
Light up your interior with a modern lighting solution that is fully integrated into the aesthetics of your house extension. A system adjustable according to your desires and compatible with the products of the Espace Lounge® home extension range.

powerful LED

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Un éclairage LED puissant

Light up your veranda
with a powerful LED lighting

Summer and winter alike, your modern veranda enjoys a beautiful natural light during the day thanks to its high side glass surfaces and the ASTRAL glass roof integrated in your roof. The LED Lounge® option extends the use of your new living room to enjoy it even during the shortest days in winter or at nightfall.

This solution brings intense lighting to your home extension. With a lighting power of 14,4 W/M, the system designed for the Espace Lounge® flat roof verandas is 5 times more powerful than mass-market LEDs.

Adjust your lighting for a
cosy atmosphere in your extension

You want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in the evening?

Simply adjust the intensity of your LED lighting and soften the luminosity in a single movement thanks to the remote control equipped with a dimmer. In the evening, enjoy your modern living space in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Modulez votre éclairage
Intégration discrète

Discreet lighting, perfectly integrated into your veranda roof

Intégration discrète

Light up your Espace Lounge® extension with style.

The LED Lounge®lighting system, specially developed for flat roof home extensions, is manufactured with the same aluminium as the inside finish for a contemporary veranda. The chosen finish can be adapted to the colour of your structure for a perfect integration and complete discretion.

Position the lighting,
reposition the lighting...

LED Lounge® is designed to allow you to change the position of your lighting according to your wishes or the interior decoration of your veranda. The Dual Lock clip fixing allows excellent holding of the LED lights on the ceiling. Without drilling, it respects the guarantee of the panels of your contemporary veranda roof.

Change, add or remove lights and reposition them anywhere in your room. The LED Lounge® system can be installed wherever you want, horizontally or vertically. This changing lighting solution adapts to the layout of your veranda .

  • repositionner
  • repositionner
  • repositionner
Discover our LED Lounge video - integrated LED lighting system for your flat roof veranda
Caractéristiques techniques
  • Colours of aluminium sheets available:
    RAL 9010 MATT 3%
    RAL 9010 Shiny 30%
    RAL 7016
  • Warm white lighting
  • Power: 14,4 Watts/ml
  • 3000 mm long bars / 500 mm long bars interchangeable
  • Power supply by transformer 12 V – 40 Watts connectable on mains socket or electrical panel (surge protector required)
  • Dual Lock assembly system without drilling
  • Option : Remote control with dimmer
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