Espace Lounge® - Experts in home extensions & pergolas for more than 25 years

Espace Lounge® - The premium brand of AKRAPLAST® France

Draws on the group's legacy of craftsmanship as the standard in flat-roof verandas and aluminum pergolas.

Doing business throughout France and Europe through a network of expert aluminum carpenters and blind manufacturers, the brand is recognized today as a designer of innovative, patented products for the extension and contemporary outdoor living market.

AKRAPLAST® France draws on more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality verandas, extensions, and pergolas. Backed by AKRAPLAST® France, Espace Lounge® is recognized as a designer of innovative, patented products for the extension and contemporary outdoor living market.

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Creation and innovation in verandas

Since its founding in 1993

AKRAPLAST® France's tireless innovation efforts have positioned it as a major player with aluminum carpentry, veranda, and pergola professionals. The company develops the first veranda systems made of THERMOTOP® insulating panels to improve homeowners thermal comfort. The product will revolutionize the way people use their verandas. Today, 70% of veranda roofing is made of insulating panels, giving AKRAPLAST® its rightful place as a pioneer in insulated verandas.


The veranda emerges as a living space

Acoustic coatings appear on composite panels with the creation of IMPACT CONTROL®, and more than 600,000m2 are installed. The exclusive process of IMPACT CONTROL® panels reduces rainfall noise on veranda roofs. The company influences the market by transforming the veranda into a comfortable living space.


Creation of factory platforms

After the Paris and Marseilles platforms created in the '90s, a third factory platform is created in Bordeaux to expand local service to aluminum carpentry professionals. Today, AKRAPLAST® has grown to four sites in France, serving virtually the entire territory:

  • 1 in Paris
  • 1 in Bordeaux
  • 2 in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region


Development of the true flat-roof veranda

Pricey aluminum extensions are on the market but out of reach. With its 25 years of experience in the field, the company seeks to develop a solution that works for homeowners.

It designs a patented, unique watertight flat-roof veranda system: the WATER DRIVE SYSTEM®. With a scant 1% slope roof composed of a built-in drainage system, the product stands out as the genuine flat-roof veranda.

Espace Lounge® is born.

Based in Pertuis (84), the head office sits at the center of a 30,000m2 insulating panel production complex.

  • Birth of Espace Lounge®
  • Patent Pending: WATER DRIVE SYSTEM®
  • Creation of the first affordable, watertight, and stylish flat-roof veranda


Launch of the first Espace Lounge Certified Installer network

Espace Lounge® continues its R&D, offering new, stylish, comfortable flat-roof extension models. The flat-roof veranda system becomes more accessible. The company sets up a network of Certified Installers specializing in aluminum carpentry to install its products across France.

  • Equinoxe product launch
  • Launch of a network of aluminum carpentry experts - 50 Certified Installers


Creation of the first insulating pergola on the market

While bio-climatic pergolas become a trend, Espace Lounge® goes further in innovation, creating a unique patented product. SkyLounge is the first insulating retractable-roof BIO-THERMAL pergola on the market

  • Patent-pending BIO-THERMAL pergola
  • SkyLounge pergola named at the Innovation Awards - Equip'Baie Expo
  • Launch of a network of aluminum carpentry experts and blind manufacturers - 60 Certified Installers


combination pergola-veranda, a design innovation

Espace Lounge® launches an innovative concept: Espacium®, combining the best of pergolas and verandas in a single elegant structure

  • Espacium® product launch
  • Launch of a network of aluminum carpentry experts and blind manufacturers - 70 Certified Installers


A complete catalog of solutions for all your extension projects

A pioneering company that's bringing new designs into the aluminum extension market, Espace Lounge® has become the industry standard for contemporary flat-roof verandas. With exclusive, unique products on the market, the result of research and technological development, the company continues to design new products so it can offer a complete catalog of solutions for all expansion and outdoor living projects.