Espace Lounge® – French innovator on the veranda market for 40 years

Espace Lounge® has been a trendsetter on the veranda market for 40 years. Thanks to the experience of a French industrial group, the company now creates innovative and patented products in the field of aluminium verandas and pergolas. With a network of expert aluminium carpenters and blinds and awnings sellers established throughout France and Europe, the manufacturer is the specialist of flat roof house extensions and insulated patio covers.


Birth of the veranda in France

Verandas made its debut in France with the arrival of 2 major materials in the field.Aluminium verandas replace steel ones for their durability over time. Roofs made of Plexiglas and polycarbonate take the place of glass roofs for greater lightness and better resistance. At the same time, the company begins the manufacture and sale of equipment dedicated to the construction of veranda.

Innovation with the first insulating
composite panels for verandas

In order to improve thermal insulation in its veranda, the company develops the first self-supporting and insulating composite panel for verandas.It is the arrival of the THERMOTOP®, insulating panel: a product that will revolutionise the use of the veranda and that is still today a symbol of innovation in the sector. This novelty places the company as a pioneer and the inventor of the insulated veranda roof panel. To date, 70% of veranda roofs in France are made of insulating composite panels.

Appearance of the
inhabitable veranda

It is with the creation of the IMPACT CONTROL system that sound insulation appears on the composite panels. Since then over 600,000 M² were installed. The exclusive IMPACT CONTROL process reduces rain noise on veranda roofs. The company thus influences the market by transforming verandas into a comfortable living space.

Creation of plant platforms

After the creation of the platforms of Paris and Marseille in the 1990s, a third plant platform sees the light of day in Bordeaux in order to increase local service for aluminium carpentry professionals.

The beginning of semi-traditional flat roof home extensions

Aluminium superstructures with high prices appear on the market. The products offered are unaffordable, complicated to install and poorly adapted to the requirements of private clients. With 35 years of experience in this field, the company seeks to develop a solution that suits the needs of the private clients.

Development of the real flat roof veranda

The company develops a unique and patented system of home extension à with a waterproof flat roof easy to install and affordable. With a roof slope of only 1%, ZENITH is the real flat roof veranda. This new technology makes it possible to offer an affordable house extension solution that meets the expectations of both private clients and professionals. Espace Lounge® is founded Based in Pertuis (84, France), the head office is located in the heart of a 30,000 M² insulating panels production site. The composite panel manufacturer then becomes supplier and integrator of a complete and guaranteed system. ● Patent issued
● Introduction of ZENITH - the first affordable and modern flat roof home extension with an extraordinary thermal comfort

Democratisation of the
flat roof home extension

Espace Lounge® continues its research and development by offering a new version of its flat roof home extension with XXL comfort. It’s the inauguration of the EQUINOXE, that allows the integration of roller shutters in the structure . This product has a reinforced structure for larger dimensions and a more refined design. At the same time, the flat roof veranda creator develops new options for his products. The flat roof home extension system becomes more and more popular. The company sets up a network of certified installers , that are specialised in aluminium carpentry in order to promote the products throughout France. ● Introduction of EQUINOXE
● Set-up of a network of aluminium carpentry specialists - 70 certified installers

Creation of the first insulating pergola on the market

As bioclimatic pergolas are becoming trendy, Espace Lounge® goes further in terms of innovation and invents an unrivalled and patented product: Sky Lounge, the first insulating BIO-THERMIC pergola with a retractable roof on the market. ● Patent issued
● Introduction of the insulating pergola Sky Lounge
● Nomination of the Sky Lounge pergola at the Innovation’s Trophies (Trophées de l’Innovation) - Equip’Baie Fair, Paris
● Network of aluminium carpentry specialists and blinds and awnings sellers - 75 certified installers

The combination of pergola and veranda, an innovative concept

Espace Lounge® introduces an innovative concept: Espacium®, the combination of the best of pergola and home extension in a single elegant structure. ● Introduction of Espacium®
● Network of aluminium carpentry specialists and blind and awnings sellers - 80 certified installers

Espace Lounge®
takes off on export markets

While development continues in France, Espace Lounge® products appeal to private clients and professionals in Europe. The aluminium flat roof veranda and pergola manufacturer make its international debut in February 2018 at the international R + T fair in Stuttgart (Germany). This event launches the commercialisation of insulated verandas and pergolas abroad and in particular in Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Germany. ● Network of aluminium carpentry specialists and blinds and awnings sellers - 85 certified installers
● Opening up to exports with a presence in 5 countries

A company
creating innovation

A pioneering and innovative company in the field of home extensionand aluminium pergola, Espace Lounge® is the reference in the manufacture of modern flat roof verandas. With exclusive and unique products on the market resulting from research and technological development, the company continues to create new products in response to the expectations and challenges of today and tomorrow.

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