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designing premium verandas and pergolas

"With more than 25 years of experience in verandas and aluminum pergolas, we set out to develop proprietary technology that would meet current and future requirements. It was by putting ourselves in your place as installers of home extensions and pergolas for homeowners that we came up with a range of best-in-class products. Take a look at our Espace Lounge® product line and the philosophy behind its one-of-a-kind design."

Expert depuis 25ans

Expert in Extensions and Pergolas

Espace Lounge® is a standard in the field of home extensions and pergolas with a legacy of over 25 years of craftsmanship. This pioneering, trendsetting brand is a recognized expert in extensions and outdoor living systems.
Water Drive System

Patented Technology

At Espace Lounge®, innovation drives growth.. Each year, the brand develops verandas and pergolas with patented technology, producing a catalog of secure products with cutting-edge performance and comfort.

Fabriqué en France

100% French Design & Manufacture

Espace Lounge® designs all of its products at its production site in Pertuis, in the south of France. Once your project is reviewed by one of our Certified Installers, your home extension or pergola is made-to-measure in our workshops in France. Raw materials are locally sourced, so we have full control of product quality.

A solution for all your projects of extensions & outdoor fittings

Extension d'habitation


For more than just a veranda, choose a custom flat-roof extension for additional living space. It provides exceptional thermal comfort, light, safety, and elegant design.


Set up your patio with a high-end aluminum pergola for an outdoor space that adapts to every season. Enjoy your terrace 365 days a year in total comfort. A motorized roof with retractable slats makes it easy to use.


Made-to-measure carports for weather protection or high-end, stylish aluminum carports. Do you want an ideal outdoor setup to fully protect your vehicle in all seasons?
Equipement extérieur

Outdoor Equipement

Acoustic comfort for your veranda, ighting systems, aluminum patios, aluminum enclosures, and more. We have everything you need for your veranda roofing or patio project.
Certified Installers
years' experience


Espace Lounge® equips its flat-roof verandas with a secure built-in slope drainage system : Water Drive System®. This is patented, proven technology for a watertight flat-roof extension.


Exceptional thermal comfort

167-mm-thick insulated panel roofing


XXL lighting and space

XXL spans and larger glass panels


Secure watertight system

Triple security barrier. Equipped with the patented Water Drive System®.


Espace Lounge® has designed the BIO-THERMAL pergola : more than a bioclimatic pergola, this insulated aluminum pergola lets you enjoy your terrace year-round. Choose a stylish, high-end, comfortable terrace layout.


Exceptional thermal comfort

Up to 130x times more insulating than a bio-climatic pergola


Year-round use

A motorized and insulated roof suitable for all seasons


Extremely durable

Up to 1000kg/m2 Extremely snow- and wind-proof

Points de vente France

70 points of sale

Find your nearest Espace Lounge® Certified Installer

Our Certified Installers are available throughout France to serve you. They'll advise and guide you from planning through installation of your flat-roof extension or pergola.

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More than 2000 verandas & aluminum pergolas completed

Browse our photo gallery for inspiration from more than 2000 premium extensions & pergolas.

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Customer testimonials

They chose Espace Lounge® extensions & pergolas

  • “The initial idea was to make a traditional house extension, in masonry construction, to enlarge my living space. Then I discovered Espace Lounge. The product immediately appealed to me because it was so modern and airy. You can get it all done much faster than the traditional way.”

    Bruno M. - Marseille (13)

  • “I wanted to get the most out of my terrace based on the season, summer or winter. That's why I went with SkyLounge. It was the only product that had thermal insulation for a terrace you could leave wide open in the summer and closed and insulated in the winter. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of quality, insulation, and technical features.”
    Marc B. - Aix-en-Provence (13)

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